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We have been doing this business since 1990 with small yard supply to local industry. Started in 2007 we export the material to South Korea, Taiwan, China & India.

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Our main business is a non-ferrous scrap such as :
Stainless Steel scrap

Copper Scrap

Alumunium Scrap

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PT. Karina Logam is a leading metal scrap company in Indonesia. We have been doing this business since 1990 with small yard supply to local industry. Started in 2007 we export the material to South Korea, Taiwan, China & India. Our main business in non-ferrous scrap such as : Stainless Steel scrap, Copper Scrap, & Alumunium Scrap. We now sustain and develop to be the best in scrap business.
Balling Machine
Employee Sorting scraps

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PT. Karina Logam

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